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Manufactured from 1951 to 1979
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This web site was created in late 2007, providing information about Marx wild west playset figures on a single web page.  It now consists of close to 50 web pages, with information on figures, structures, terrain pieces, and small accessories from playsets of many different themes.  It also has indexes for Playset Magazine and PFPC magazine.  I will continue to update these pages as I obtain more information and photos.  If you have anything to add to these pages or suggestions to make them better, please e-mail me at  I will be glad to attribute contributions to you.  And if you have questions or comments, I am always glad to hear from you!  As some of you have noticed, however, I am not always good at replying to e-mail; you might have to kick me three or four times before I get back to you.  Sorry, but I am 1) busy and 2) a champion procrastinator.  Feel free to persist!

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Recent Significant Updates to This Web Site
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Recent significant updates to this web site:

3-15-14  Added a short report on the West Coaster Show (see below).  I'll be adding a some photos of items I obtained at the show in a few days.

  The index to Playset Magaine has been updated through Issue 73, January-February 2014.  I have also added a small amount of information derived from these issues about the Wyatt Earp Frontier Town and Rin Tin Tin at Fort Apache playsets on the page listing Marx' Wild West playsets.  Of course to get the full story on these guys and their playsets, you'll need to check the magazine (and you'll see some great color photos too!).  Elsewhere, a photo of the delayed action rocket from Moon Base playsets has been added to the Space Accessories page, compliments of collector Tom Lozowski.  And finally, I have added the page on Marx pirates, though it remains under construction, very incomplete.

2-13-14  Photo of final Skyscraper Building figure added.

2-11-14  The new Skyscraper Building page has been updated with all but one of the figures, thanks to Russian collector Denis Rylev.

2-6-14  This update finally gets the Medieval Accessory page up (with much thanks to Allan Ford and Billy Hill), as well as three new "under construction" pages:  The Sears Store, The Skyscraper, and Religion.  I again promise that the Pirates page will be up soon; perhaps more significantly, collector George "Butch" Parker has perked my interest in farm playsets, so that I am at least dabbling in getting that theme up within the next few months.  Based on what little I know of farm sets, they seem many and varied, so I suspect it to be a daunting task.  Oh, and as usual, I have made various smaller additions and changes with this update, including photos of the cabin in the Boys' Camp set, provided by Butch Parker.  As always, I welcome good photos of any and all items that are missing from these pages, as well as added or corrected information on figures and accessories that appeared in the Marx sets.  

12-8-13  Thanks to many new photos and much information that I have received from other collectors, I have made some very significant additions to the new space exploration pages.  Many new photos!  I have also added a few items to the military pages, most notably a photo of the beautiful SAC headquarters building.  You can find it on the Military Accessories page.  The one pictured is owned by seller/collector Rick Eber, who insists that it is not for sale.

Also -- suprise! -- for the first time, I have added several pages that are "under construction."  These are pages for the Schoolhouse, Pet Shop, Babyland Nursery, and jungle playsets.  You can find them through the Table of Contents (click on  "Other Playset Themes" above) and will quickly note that these pages have limited narrative and few photos.  So currently, these pages will provide only a general idea of what was included in these sets.  I will be adding information and photos as I can, but it will probably be quite some time before they move out of the "under construction" phase.  Photos from you guys would be graciously accepted with full credit provided.  In fact, if you have a relatively complete playset for a theme that did not include a lot of variations (such as the Schoolhouse, Pet Shop, Nursery, or similar sets not mentioned), you might even be able to kind of sponsor one of those pages.  I hope to add similar pages on farm, service station, and pirate sets soon, though I am hoping that a little more info and photos will be included in these.

As always, please let me know if the new pages have problems, whether that be links that do not work, grammar that ain't good, or factual errors.

Marx and other toy soldier information, news, and comments:

Yet another successful West Coaster Toy Soldier Show was held March 9, about a 20-minute drive from my house.   Dealers I spoke with reported good sales.  I was there for room trading Friday and Saturday, as well as attending the show itself.  Room trading seemed a bit slow to me, but I heard no complaints from dealers.  In fact, I heard only one negative comment, as one dealer noted that some customers showed up an hour late at the show, not realizing that daylight savings time had gone into effect the previous night.  Perhaps best of all, I noticed a definite uptick in the number of plastic dealers, almost entirely Marx.  It was the 25th West Coaster Show, and a good time was had by all that I spoke with.  After four years of pretending to be a dealer by selling my duplicates and unwanteds, I took the year off and spent my entire time buying a few small items and ogling all the goodies.  I also took a few photos of items that I had interest in, some of them shown below.  Please correct me if I misidentified anyone!  My primary interest is obviously the Wild West.  Click on photos to enlarge.
Veteran dealers Ed Gannon (left) and David Schafer War and Peace Toys
I was not familiar with the company, but they had some great Marx playsets for sale.
Classic Recasts
They were one of two or three companies at the show with some nice Marx re-issue figures.
Sarum (54mm metal figure kits)
You get the pieces, put them together, and do the painting.  It's a little work, but as you can see, there are some great figures!
Veteran dealer Tom Vida, at right (Tiny Troopers) Deanna Ver Steeg with a display of the great buildings from Toy Soldiers of San Diego Interesting toy gun display
Scenics by Paragon - Fort Apache, hill with destroyed cabin (hill is two pieces, cabin can be removed), and four smaller terrain pieces

Anyone who followed my construction of a display table last year at my Morongo Valley house is probably wondering what ever happened to that project.  Well, it has progressed slowly, demonstrating my preference of the planning stage over the doing stage.  Also, of course, I am only out to the house a couple of times a month.  So it has been slow going.

After having tried out an assortment of layouts with recently-produced structures and scenic pieces, I recently reverted to my early years, realizing that what I really want to do is make a Marx layout on this table.  So before driving back out to the house this time, I put an assortment of Marx tin litho buildings and Fort Apache pieces in the car to give it a try.  Once there, I quickly cleared the table and laid out what seems to me a very workable layout.  Photos are below.

I could certainly use any help anyone can provide on creating the scenery, especially the high (and narrow) cliffs that I want to create on the two back sides of the table.  Of course, any suggestions and comments are welcome!
This is an overview of the entire table.  All items on the top are Marx.  The make-shift roads are toilet paper, the handiest thing I found available.  The high white foam piece on the left is the start of a steep cliff that I would like to create all around the back of the layout.
Photo on left shows road from town to fort.  On right is "main street."  It's narrow, but I can show furniture in both structures this way.  I may build an insert for this section that will allow the road to be a couple of inches wider and will lift up this section a couple of inches higher.
A view of "main street" from the other side.  I'll use the 60mm cowboys for the town.  I plan to put one more cabin just behind the nearest town front.  That will allow me to display cabin furniture also.
Closeup photo of the fort.  Seems like a nice size that will let me display a good number of the 54mm cavalry.
Plenty of room for display and storage under the table.  All three of the sections at the right can be seen in the top photo above.   I have a little painting to do if I ever get off my duff!

The January/February issue of Playset Magazine has a 4-page comparison (with photos) of Marx' largest two Civil War playsets, the Giant Blue and Gray Battle Set sold by Montgomery Wards and the Civil War Centernnial playset sold by Sears and Roebuck.  The issue also has a brief article and great photos of the rarely-seen Marx Shady Rest Motel and Restaurant playset.  The article includes a photo of the similarly hard-to-find Deluxe Tollway Service Center set.  The tollway set is definitely not the same as the company's Turnpike Service Center, which was shown in another recent issue.

Contents of this web site may not be reproduced or duplicated for use on the Internet or for commercial purposes without permission by Eric Johns.

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