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Manufactured from 1951 to 1979
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This web site was created in late 2007, providing information about Marx wild west playset figures on a single web page.  It now consists of about 60 web pages, with information on figures, structures, terrain pieces, and small accessories from playsets of many different themes.  It also has indexes for Playset Magazine and PFPC magazine.  I will continue to update these pages as I obtain more information and photos.  If you have anything to add to these pages or suggestions to make them better, please e-mail me at  I will be glad to attribute contributions to you.  And if you have questions or comments, I am always glad to hear from you!  As some of you have noticed, however, I am not always good at replying to e-mail; you might have to kick me three or four times before I get back to you.  Sorry, but I am 1) busy and 2) a champion procrastinator.  Feel free to persist!

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Recent significant updates to this web site:

5-21-17  Some interesting additions this time.  Perhaps the biggest addition is the series of Famous Canadian pedestal figures, which can be found in the Wild West section on the page about figures made overseas.  All photos on the page -- and there are several holes if you can provide additional photos -- have been provided by collector Fay Thompson.  I had not included these figures in the web site before, so it is by her urging that this section has been added.  Also, photos have been added to the Space Accessories page of pieces from the Moon Base and Giant Martian landing playsets, thanks to collector Bob Spreitzer.  And collector Jerry Woloshyn has completed the missing photos of the Prize Animal Group on the Farm Figures page, while collector Elijah Roberson has provided a photo of the 4-wheel farm wagon, which was missing from the Farm Accessories page.  A few photos have been added to the Tinykins page in the cartoon section, including the sitting versions of both Pongo and Perdita, thanks to the continuing generosity of collector Mark Marek.  Finally, veteran seller and collector Kent Sprecher has provided a little updated info and a photo regarding the painted animals that were included in one of the Daktari playsets.  And -- not wanting to leave anyone out -- I'll give a tiny pat on the back to myself, who recently came across a diving board that goes to the Marx dollhouse swimming pools.  You too can now see it on the Dollhouse page.  Now if I can find photos of the three (or two?) version of the Marx swimming pool!  By the way, the irrepresible Billy Hill (an alias, I now understand) has been in touch with me, and we are now coordinating to add a list of the 25 or so Medieval playsets produced by Marx.  Billy was a key conspirator in the recent series of articles on these playsets in Playset Magazine.  My apologies to anyone whom I have left out; let me know and I will make amends.

4-11-17  Sometimes I wonder if anyone really looks at this web site or if I am just talking to myself!  Today as I was looking at a page, I noticed five photos missing from information that I had added in years ago!  No one had ever mentioned this problem to me.  The photos were on my computer, but I obviously had added narrative and set up the places for the photos, but had never transferred the photos to the server that handles the web site.  If you find any photo frame with no photo, it should state inside the frame that the photo is not available at this time, or something to that effect.  (Often, it will ask you to provide a photo if you have one...hint, hint.)  If you find a blank photo that does not state that, please let me know, because I most likely made a mistake in trying to add one.  I generally verify that things I add are OK after I move new information or photos to the server, but occasionally I am sure I forget to do so!

3-26-17  And still some more of Mark Marek's photos added to the Tiny People page.  Also, I've added a couple more of the WOW Roman soldiers to the Ben Hur page.

3-23-17  I've again added several photos to the Tiny People page under the Cartoon section.   Most of these are again courtesy of Tinykin collector Mark Marek!

3-18-17  I've added photos to, improved, and corrected the cartoon tiny people (Tinykins) page, based on input from several sources.  Thanks especially to veteran collector/seller Paul Stadinger and to Tinykin collector Mark Marek, who is allowing me to use several of his photos!

3-14-17  Though it is still "under construction", I have added the 6-Inch Figures page under the Special Category Pages Section.  Information on these figures and photos of missing figures are always welcome!

3-11-17  Based on extensive information from veteran seller and collector Kent Sprecher -- and his discussions with many other veteran collectors -- I have corrected and improved information on several groups of animals that are shown on the Animals, Circus, Jungle, and Pet Shop pages of this web site.  His knowledge -- as well as that of many others -- continues to be an invaluable asset to the accuracy of this web site.  I have also added several photos to the Marx Tiny-Kins page, including a photo of a seldom seen MIB set of the Robin Hood Disneykins.  This item is still up for sale on Ebay through March 26 on a Buy-It-Now or Best-Offer basis.  I include this because 1) seller Michael Koller been kind enought to let me to use his photo on the web page and 2) I figure some of you out there might be interested in buying it.  As would be expected, Michael is not selling it cheaply.    

2-26-17  I noticed a boxed set of the very hard to find Robin Hood Disneykins on Ebay a couple of days ago!  The price is way too high for me, but I received permission from owner Michael Koller to use them on the web site and have posted the photo to the Tinykins web page, located under the Cartoon Section as The Tiny People.

 2-21-17  Added two photos of WOW military cadets to both the Military Playset-Related and Warriors of the World pages, both contributed by collector Jerry Wolloshyn.  Also, check out the Chip and Dale Disneykin figures now on the Tinykins page under Cartoons, as well as one new Queen's Lifeguard figure on the Military Playset-Related page.  Many thanks to Paul Mumford of Great Britain who sold me Chip and Dale, which are in fabulous shape for two teeny, factory-painted figures that are about 50 years old.

Added some very nice photos of the Marxville Army Barracks set on the Little People Page, thanks to collector Terry Sells.  I've never seen a complete set before, and it sold on Ebay for $735!

1-26-17  Not a huge update, but several interesting items.  A few new photos on the Cartoon Tinykins page, photos of most original small accessories on the Medieval Accessories page, and photos of re-issue small accessories from Hobby Bunker on the Skycraper.   Added a few missing photos of animals on the Farm page, as well as photos of original figures for three of the four Mexican War figures on the Military Playset-Related page (thanks, Francis Turner).   I've also added improved photos on various other pages.

Marx and other toy soldier information, news, and comments:
I have had at least a couple of requests by collectors to turn this web site into a book.  For better or worse, that project is beyond my capabilities.  However, I am thinking about creating a booklet that will provide a listing of the many Marx playset figures cited on this web site.  This booklet would list the figures in the same order as shown on the site and provide a brief description of each, allowing for quick reference between the booklet and web site.  It would not include photos or information on accessories.  I will be retiring for the second time in June and should have sufficient time to create such a reference, which I have already begun to put together.  Of course, I will need to charge a few dollars for each booklet, and I do not feel certain that there is sufficient interest out there for me to tackle this project.  I'd appreciate it if you could let me know me whether you might have interest in such a booklet by dropping me a brief note at to say yea or nay.  Many thanks!  

The West Coaster Toy Soldier Show changed its location and, more seriously, its date this year, from March to January 8.   But there was still a large crowd of sellers and buyers, and I managed to spend about $200.  Much of this was for non-Marx items, including Ideal figures to add to the company's Fix-It Stagecoach that my daughter gave me for Christmas.  I'm biased on the new show location because it is closer to my Southern California house.  However, benefits that the previous location did not have include free parking for guests and numerous eating places and other shops within easy walking distance.  It also is only about a mile from Disneyland, so bring the family next time!  I've heard many say the date is not good for them, and the good news is that organizers hope to change the date back to March as soon as possible, maybe as soon as next year.

Contents of this web site may not be reproduced or duplicated for use on the Internet or for commercial purposes without permission by Eric Johns.

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