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Manufactured from 1951 to 1979
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This web site was created in late 2007, providing information about Marx wild west playset figures on a single web page.  It now consists of about 60 web pages, with information on figures, structures, terrain pieces, and small accessories from playsets of many different themes.  It also has indexes for Playset Magazine and PFPC magazine.  I will continue to update these pages as I obtain more information and photos.  If you have anything to add to these pages or suggestions to make them better, please e-mail me at  I will be glad to attribute contributions to you.  And if you have questions or comments, I am always glad to hear from you!  As some of you have noticed, however, I am not always good at replying to e-mail; you might have to kick me three or four times before I get back to you.  Sorry, but I am 1) busy and 2) a champion procrastinator.  Feel free to persist!

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Recent significant updates to this web site:

An assortment of updates include a photo of hard-to-find metal hooks used to hang lanterns on Wild West town fronts, new photos of the early Tom Corbett set flying saucers, photos of the Army Training Center artillery gun, a photo of the 60mm GI radio man, a photo of the third of the three 3-inch linemen (on the Construction Page), and a few other odds and ends.  That might not sound like much, but there is much unseen work going on behind the scenes, as I try to put together pages on Farms, Promotional Items and Sexy Women, and Doll Houses (mostly the figures and small accessories, not so much the houses themselves).  I'm also playing around with a Little People Page (see comments later on this page) and hope to get it up pretty soon.  My goal to get the Farm Page up before the end of the year still stands and looks good thus far; any help would be greatly appreciated and recognized!

8-5-14  I have added several figures to the Animals page from the Animal Kingdom group of 1968 and 1969.  I purchased several of these figures on Ebay recently, and the revised narrative on the page tells of a small, but surprising, bonus I received in removing the figures from the small boxes they came in.  It was a first for me.

Several military figures have been added, primarily 60mm sailors and 6-inch British and French soldiers.  These again are courtesy of Russian collector Denis Rylev.

Most pirate figures from unreleased play set Treasure Cove added to Pirates Page, thanks to Russian collector Denis Rylev.

  Over the past few days, I have added an assortment of information and various photos.  These include:
7-7-14  Added 60mm digging GI in the Medical GIs section of the Military Figures page and a blister card of the company's fish and scuba diver on the Animals page.  Thanks to collector Tim Young for the blister card photo.

6-29-14  More updates to the Construction page and additional photos on the Space Accessories page of the buildings that came with the Cape Cheerios space set that was sold as a cereal premium.  I've also added some dinosaur photos to the Pre-Historic page that I thought I had uploaded goof.  

6-5-14  There are some updates in the vehicles section of the Construction page, and I have added photos of an original Marx catapult and 24-rock sprue (catapult ammunition) on the Medieval Accessory page.

5-11-14  I was recently lucky to put in the high bid on a thrust-front (T-shaped) tin litho building from an early Marx Cape Canaveral Playset from veteran seller Rick Koch.  I have added several photos of the building to the Space Accessories page.

5-2-14  With this update, I have revised the table of contents to de-emphasize this web site's initial concentration of Wild West Playsets.  My primary interest remains in that area, but the site covers so many other themes now that it seems appropriate to have a single main table of contents.  I have placed the Wild West section as Item A in the contents, so you should have no problem getting there quickly once you have clicked on "Main Table of Contents" above and reached that page.  In addition, I have
The farm web pages remain under construction; the section is coming along with much help from collector Butch Parker.  Meanwhile, info on and photos of Marx farm playset figures and accessories are always welcome!

Marx and other toy soldier information, news, and comments:

Now back to probably my last year of my part-time school work,  I am still fumbling with a Farm Page, though it is tough, because 1) I am not a farm boy and 2) the large number of farm play set items make it a very complicated chore.  Thank goodness for Playset Magazine, which gives me at least a framework to start from!  I am also spending some time with a Doll House Page (which will start primarily with figures and some accessories) and a page that I call The Little People Page.  The Little People Page is a fun one, dealing not with the miniature so-called HO scale play sets, but with all those 35mm (and a few even smaller) figures that Marx made for various purposes.  Some of these guys and gals were in play sets (i.e., Sears, Disneyland, and airports), some came with the plastic Marxville buildings that were made for model train layouts, some were in more than one product, and some were...well, right now I'm not sure what some of them came with!  Anyhow that's a fun page to work on.

So what will that leave undone?  First of all, it will leave whatever I forgot or do not yet know about!  After that, well, if you look at the site's Table of Contents, the primary missing sections are the Transportation pages.  Those will be challenging with the many gas service stations and the large airport sets.  My current ownership of anything in any of those is just about zilch.  My knowledge of them is about the same.  It also includes what is shown as a page on Trucks and Railroads, but please be assured that I will not get into model railroading, other than to include a few figures for model railroad layouts that were produced in the same way as play set figures.  These are always nice to show, because they can sometimes be incorporated into play set displays.  If I can ever get a handle on the Farm pages, maybe Transportation will come in 2015.  

If you look at the current Table of Contents, the only other vacant categories are
  1. Wooden Horse of Troy,
  2. Scientists and Explorers
  3. Leisure and Entertainment Other Figures, and
  4. Promotional Items and Sexy Women.  
I'm not sure yet what to do with Troy, as I now understand that perhaps only one such set is known to exist.  That would mean it should be worked in elsewhere, without its own page.  Scientists and Explorers should be a short and sweet page.  As far as the Other Leisure and Entertainment, I'm thinking of Jackie Gleason and such...and I am very skimpy on the "as such."  I imagine if that becomes a page, it will be short.  As to Promotions and Women, I am pretty much ready to at least start the Sexy Women part -- which is probably what you all are waiting to see -- but I need to do a lot of work on just what should be in the Promotional Items section.  My knowledge there is sporadic and, again, photos are about nada.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So that is where I am at with this web site right now.  Information, suggestions, and photos gratefully accepted!

Anyone who followed my construction of a display table last year at my Morongo Valley house is probably wondering what ever happened to that project.  Well, it has progressed slowly, demonstrating my preference of the planning stage over the doing stage.  Also, of course, I am only out to the house a couple of times a month.  So it has been slow going.

After having tried out an assortment of layouts with recently-produced structures and scenic pieces, I recently reverted to my early years, realizing that what I really want to do is make a Marx layout on this table.  So before driving back out to the house this time, I put an assortment of Marx tin litho buildings and Fort Apache pieces in the car to give it a try.  Once there, I quickly cleared the table and laid out what seems to me a very workable layout.  Photos are below.

I could certainly use any help anyone can provide on creating the scenery, especially the high (and narrow) cliffs that I want to create on the two back sides of the table.  Of course, any suggestions and comments are welcome!
This is an overview of the entire table.  All items on the top are Marx.  The make-shift roads are toilet paper, the handiest thing I found available.  The high white foam piece on the left is the start of a steep cliff that I would like to create all around the back of the layout.
Photo on left shows road from town to fort.  On right is "main street."  It's narrow, but I can show furniture in both structures this way.  I may build an insert for this section that will allow the road to be a couple of inches wider and will lift up this section a couple of inches higher.
A view of "main street" from the other side.  I'll use the 60mm cowboys for the town.  I plan to put one more cabin just behind the nearest town front.  That will allow me to display cabin furniture also.
Closeup photo of the fort.  Seems like a nice size that will let me display a good number of the 54mm cavalry.
Plenty of room for display and storage under the table.  All three of the sections at the right can be seen in the top photo above.   I have a little painting to do if I ever get off my duff!

Contents of this web site may not be reproduced or duplicated for use on the Internet or for commercial purposes without permission by Eric Johns.

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