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Manufactured from 1951 to 1979
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This web site was created in late 2007, providing information about Marx wild west playset figures on a single web page.  It now consists of about 60 web pages, with information on figures, structures, terrain pieces, and small accessories from playsets of many different themes.  It also has indexes for Playset Magazine and PFPC magazine.  I will continue to update these pages as I obtain more information and photos.  If you have anything to add to these pages or suggestions to make them better, please e-mail me at  I will be glad to attribute contributions to you.  And if you have questions or comments, I am always glad to hear from you!  As some of you have noticed, however, I am not always good at replying to e-mail; you might have to kick me three or four times before I get back to you.  Sorry, but I am 1) busy and 2) a champion procrastinator.  Feel free to persist!

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Recent significant updates to this web site:

1-5-18  Happy New Year!  A few odds and ends added today.  First, I've added photos of some small accessories to the Jungle page.  Still missing a few, and I still need to clean up the accessories section for accuracy.  I should do that soon!  Second, Kent Sprecher has graciously provided photos of the 11 previously missing Famous Canadian figures, so that between him and Fay Thompson, you can now view the entire, colorful 36-figure group!  Not the most popular group of Marx figures, but certainly an impressive group.  You can find those Famous Canadians in the Wild West section on the page of Marx figures made outside the U.S.  I've also updated the accessories section in the Revolutionary War Accessories page and have finally added a photo of the female audience member on the Ben Hur page, a figure that can be used to portray other characters, as explained on that page.  

I've added a little information on the Marx Troll Village Play Set to the Non-Disney Cartoon page, with a couple of photos from our Marx troll expert, Matthew Pak.

Yes, I have been very indolent in posting an update since the September OTSN, or actually CTSS (Chicago Toy Soldier Show) as it is now called.  I spent about $500, which seems like a lot, but a little more than $200 was for one item and several other items were not Marx or were Marx items that this site already includes, thanks to photos from other collectors.  So my update here is a little bit less than might be expected.  My big purchase was the hard-to-find military PX building, and I have added several photos of it on the Military Accessories page.  I purchased it at the show from Francis Turner, former owner of the Marx Museum, and he swears it was once displayed at the museum.  I purchased three new-to-me Marx space exploration structures, but added only one to the Space Accessories page, since the other two were already there, thanks to those other collectors.  Same for a few jungle figures I picked up, as well as a Captain Gallant fort, missing only the two small cornice pieces that go on top of the building.  I have added photos of a couple of Warriors of the World, both U.S. sailors.  One is in the U.S. Sailors WOW set, and the other is the third figure I now own from the Korean War set, often called the United Nations set.  And after much unexplained searching for it, I found a Minnie Mouse figure from the Disneyland set and added her photo on the Disney page.  I have no idea why it took me a few years to find her!  I also learned the difference between a Second Series and Third Series farm pig while at OTSN and have added that info to the Farm Figures page for anyone who might want that information.  And finally, collector Bob Spreitzer submitted several more photos which now appear on the Space Figures and Space Accessories pages.  I've updated a few other photos, but nothing to write home about.  Sorry I don't have more surprises, but for me, that PX building would have made my day all by itself.

8-18-17  Having retired (for the second time) as of June 30, I certainly should have updated this site a few times since then.  However, I've found the transition to "useless old man" a bit bumpy, so this is the first update of my retirement phase...and a big one it is, thanks to several of you readers who have sent in much-needed photos for the site.  Many thanks!!!!  The contributions of these kind people include photos of many farm accessories from Carolyn Burrell (including great shots of the barn with the silo shed) and photos of several Disneyland figures and accessories plus a few Captain Gallant accessories from Phil Web (including the hard to find scimitar).  Others who have provided a photo or two include Elijah Roberson (4-wheel farm wagon), Arrilia Kief (pig pen with fence), Carlos Olmos (X-15 jet plane from airport playsets), and Dave Lewis (interacting Fort Dearborn figures).  I think maybe Bob Spreitzer and/or Jerry Woloshyn who had new photos in my last update might have a few new photos in this update also, but I just cannot recall.  As for me, I've added individual photos of a few Ben Hur figures...but I'm still trying to obtain a nice "female spectator, seated" figure and a couple of others!  If I have left out anyone who has submitted photos, please let me know and I will immediately add your name here and send you an e-mail with my apologies.  Retired or not, it is sometimes hard to be the lone ranger trying to keep organized as I manage this large web site.  And if you are one of the people whom I have failed to reply to your e-mail, I offer you my apology right now.  I'm trying to get better at that and have a list of old e-mails I am slowly working on, some of them embarrassingly old.  Feel free to keep harrassing me with follow-up e-mails if I do not respond promptly!

I'll be leaving for my annual cross-country drive September 10, and that will include the big CTSS (formerly OTSN) toy show near Chicago September 24.  See you there?  I doubt I will have any significant update until I return from that trip mid-October.

5-21-17  Some interesting additions this time.  Perhaps the biggest addition is the series of Famous Canadian pedestal figures, which can be found in the Wild West section on the page about figures made overseas.  All photos on the page -- and there are several holes if you can provide additional photos -- have been provided by collector Fay Thompson.  I had not included these figures in the web site before, so it is by her urging that this section has been added.  Also, photos have been added to the Space Accessories page of pieces from the Moon Base and Giant Martian landing playsets, thanks to collector Bob Spreitzer.  And collector Jerry Woloshyn has completed the missing photos of the Prize Animal Group on the Farm Figures page, while collector Elijah Roberson has provided a photo of the 4-wheel farm wagon, which was missing from the Farm Accessories page.  A few photos have been added to the Tinykins page in the cartoon section, including the sitting versions of both Pongo and Perdita, thanks to the continuing generosity of collector Mark Marek.  Finally, veteran seller and collector Kent Sprecher has provided a little updated info and a photo regarding the painted animals that were included in one of the Daktari playsets.  And -- not wanting to leave anyone out -- I'll give a tiny pat on the back to myself, who recently came across a diving board that goes to the Marx dollhouse swimming pools.  You too can now see it on the Dollhouse page.  Now if I can find photos of the three (or two?) version of the Marx swimming pool!  By the way, the irrepresible Billy Hill (an alias, I now understand) has been in touch with me, and we are now coordinating to add a list of the 25 or so Medieval playsets produced by Marx.  Billy was a key conspirator in the recent series of articles on these playsets in Playset Magazine.  My apologies to anyone whom I have left out; let me know and I will make amends.

Marx and other toy soldier information, news, and comments:

As some of you know,  I purchased a high-desert weekend house just east of where I live about seven years ago and immediately began building a display table.  That took a year or so to complete at my slow pace, and I have since changed my mind about a dozen times as to what I should do with it.  At first I figured that I should cover it with a large Wild West fort -- my first love in Marx playsets -- and I purchased enough new and old fortification pieces to do that, but once I had it roughed out, it just did not seem right.  For one thing, I figured it would be nice for the youngsters to play with.  But there has not been a youngster there for the past 6-1/2 years.  So after several iterations, I think maybe I finally got it right.  I can use it to display a variety of the colorful Marx buildings, while providing enough room for the two large Marx Wild West town fronts to face one another with a wide street between them.  So, I can have my fun of furnishing -- and allowing front and back views of -- the two structures and setting up gun fights in the street, plus have lots of color radiating from all the other buildings, such as castles, space centers, etc.  Right now, it looks like what you see in the photo below, just a rough idea of my current dream.  I'm thinking maybe I'll replace that truck terminal in the background with a circus tent and add another cabin where the flagpole and rock are right now.  Maybe replace the one-story space building on the left with one with a tower.  Suggestions are welcome!

The Chicago Toy Soldier Show (formerly OTSN) seemed to me to be its usual big hit on September 24, and room selling during the few previous days seemed to be very active also.  Lots of new stuff and old stuff, as usual.  Sometimes I wonder what the record is for the most times a figure has changed hands!  If you have not attended -- or have not attended in a long time -- you should go next year!  Below are a few photos I took.  Seems like I took more photos of  non-Marx items than Marx, but it's all very interesting, and even if you buy nothing at all, you can get lots of ideas on just what you want to collect and how you want to display it!  If you can't wait a year, come on out to the West Coaster Toy Soldier Show in Anaheim, CA, March 4.
I have had at least a couple of requests by collectors to turn this web site into a book.  For better or worse, that project is beyond my capabilities.  However, I am thinking about creating a booklet that will provide a listing of the many Marx playset figures cited on this web site.  This booklet would list the figures in the same order as shown on the site and provide a brief description of each, allowing for quick reference between the booklet and web site.  It would not include photos or information on accessories.  I will be retiring for the second time in June and should have sufficient time to create such a reference, which I have already begun to put together.  Of course, I will need to charge a few dollars for each booklet, and I do not feel certain that there is sufficient interest out there for me to tackle this project.  I'd appreciate it if you could let me know me whether you might have interest in such a booklet by dropping me a brief note at to say yea or nay.  Many thanks!  

Contents of this web site may not be reproduced or duplicated for use on the Internet or for commercial purposes without permission by Eric Johns.

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